The soirée includes an exclusive visit inside Mas Miró where visitors can discover the house, the workshop, the chapel and the terraces that are normally closed to regular visits. There is a guided tour of the place that inspired Miró, where he decided to devote himself to painting and where he spent almost every summer of his life.

The visit followed by a gourmet dinner in the gardens of the house. Under the stars, in a magical ambience, dinner is accompanied by insights into Joan Miró’s “Constellations”, and a talk on the universe.

After dinner, participants can live the unique experience of observing the universe through a telescope from outside Mas Miró and discover Mars, Saturn and Jupiter and their moons.

Nights at Mas Miró are scheduled in the summer.


Finca Mas Miró, s/n
43300 Miami Platja, Tarragona
+34 977 179 158

El Paisatge dels Genis